Shady Supplies Walkthrough


Location: Memory Alpha
To acquire this mission you must speak with Zel at Memory Alpha.

Zel wants you to speak with his brother Markin and convince him to stop selling stolen items. Go to Markin and speak with him. Tell him that there have been reports that he is selling stolen merchandise. Of course he will deny it, so you must go check his cargo. The cargo is located next to Commodity Broker Rek in the center room. Inspect the crates until you find something with one of them.

Return to Markin and confront him about it. At this point you can either report this to Commander Romaine or Dispose of the Illegal Goods yourself. No matter what you choose you can complete the mission.

26 Skill Points
6 Expertise
11 Starfleet Merits
10 Diplomacy XP
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