Temple Offerings Walkthrough

Location: Deep Space 9

Go to Deep Space 9 and speak with Captain James Kurland. The Bajoran government needs your help to resolve a situation. The Vedek Assembly wants to build a new temple but the owner of the property refuses to sell. They want you to try resolving this situation. I recommend purchasing 10 Entertainment Provisions and 15 Self Sealing Stem Bolts before going further in the mission. You can either get them from Konzar on the Promenade or from your replicator on your ship.

Your first objective is to go to Quarks bar and speak with Tell Baratt who has had dealings with the land owner. He will give you some information and you will need to go speak with Zhyi'Ahne on the second level of Quarks and give her 10 Entertainment Provisions. Next go to the Bajoran Temple and give 15 Self Sealing Stem Bolts to Loret Razha who will give you the deed to his land. Now make your way to the Shipyard and speak to Tor Mazo. You will trade him the deed for his deed which will be given to the Vedek Assembly. When you are done just return to Captain James Kurland in order to complete the mission.

155 Skill Points
167 Expertise
203 Starfleet Merits
10 Diplomacy XP
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