Trade Deal Walkthrough

Location: Starbase 39-Sierra
To begin this mission speak with Lt. Commander Brocal at Starbase 39-Sierra. Your first task will be to meet 3 ambassadors on the station: Ulish, Vimok, and Surah. Vimok is in the same room as Lt. Commander Brocal. Ulish is in the lounge area. Surah is in the main room (outside the transporter) on the top level. Return to Lt. Commander Brocal and speak with her. She will want you to handle the conflict between the ambassadors.

First speak with Ambassador Surah. He will be upset with how the Ferengi are treating them. After the conversation go speak with Ambassador Ulish, he will offer a proposal for Surah. Once again speak with Surah and offer him the proposal. He will refuse it and ask you to use the computer on the main floor (it is next to the transporter room) in order to research interstellar trade laws.

Start by reading information about each ambassador by click on "Trade Conference Ambassadors". After you have read about Ulish you can choose an option to read more information about him, do it. Once you have finished you can read the "Deferi Memto Spice Trade Agreement". Doing this will open up another option which allows you to ask the computer if the agreement appears legal.

You should now be able to resolve the conflict. Before you do so, you can ask Admiral T'nae for assistance. This will get you permission to offer the Ferengi some Entertainment Provisions. Return to Ulish and choose "Admiral T'nae has authorized me to offer you Entertainment Provisions." He will agree.

Return to Surah and tell him that "the Ferengi have agreed to lift the tariff". Go to Ambassador Vimok and tell him the news as well. Return to Lt. Commander Brocal to complete the mission. Congratulations! Mission Complete!

10 Diplomatic Experience
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