Cold Comfort Walkthrough

Location: Raveh System Defari Ship Map

Travel to the Raveh system in the Orellius sector. Fly to the Defari ship and beam over. Walk over to Dr. Cossa (who is straight ahead of your beam in point) and speak with him. He'll ask you to take care of a patient.

Go to the patient as ask "What hurts?" After she tells you click the "Treatment for Disruptor Injuries" option and exit that dialog. To the left of this table is another table with some pads on top. Go there and click the "Use Medkit" option. Click Analgesics then Bicaridine. Load it into the Hypospray. Walk back to the patient and use it on her. Go through the dialog then click "Use Protoplaser on Wound".

Go back to Dr. Cossa and speak with him. He will tell you to take care of another patient. Go through the first 3 questions with the next patient, then scroll to the bottom and you should see an option in green that reads "The patient seems disoriented and unaware of their surroundings." If you do not see this option ask the patient a few more questions. After that ask the four questions that appear on the screen. They will disappear after you've asked them. Then choose the "Alerted mental state" option.

Go to a nearby medkit and click "Obtain Neural Scanner". Go back to the patient and scan him. Go back to the medkit and click Anesthetics then Anetrizine. Load it into the Hypospray and give it to the patient. Speak with Dr. Cossa again. Exit the room and go to the other room on the map. Speak with the the three Breen captives in their cells.

After you have spoken to all three you will need to return to Tran who is the prisoner in the left side of the room after you have entered. Go through the dialog and choose these options:


"What is your story?"
"Everyone has a story. What led you to be here?"
"What are you doing here?"
"You must have known that this wasn't a military ship. Why did you attack it?"

He will then want you to prevent his superior from listening. Return to the Breen who was at the front of the room when you entered and use the console next to his cell. Return to Tran, go through the dialog and choose these options when they appear:

"Did you object to your commanding officer about this assignment?"
"Do you believe that the goal you are attempting to achieve was worth killing civilians?"
"What were your orders?"
"Why did you do this? What information did the Defari have that you needed so badly?"

After this you should only have one option at a time for the dialog. Return to Dr. Cossa and talk to him. Return to Tran and talk to him. Your mission is complete, leave the system.

Skill Points
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