Rapier Walkthrough

Location: Deep Space 9 (Wormhole)

Six years ago the U.S.S. Rapier disappear into the wormhole. Starfleet has picked up a distress signal from them recently and want you to investigate. You must rescue the crew and prevent the ship from getting into enemy hands.

For this mission travel to Deep Space 9 and once you are in the system head to the entrance of the wormhole. You'll see an option appear to enter it.

Inside the wormhole you'll need to scan five anomalies for signs of the Rapier. These anomalies look like long strands that are spinning and are sometimes guarded by Jem'Hadar ships. After you have scanned the last one you'll detect the Rapier up ahead. Defeat the Jem'Hadar ships around it then beam on board.

U.S.S. Rapier

On board the Rapier you will detect various life signs as well as groups of Jem'Hadar. Your first goal is to investigate the mess hall where you will have to defeat a few groups of Jem'Hadar and rescue six hostages. After that you can continue through this deck until you find a Vorta who you will have to capture.

When you reach the room with the Vorta you'll need to use the console outside to drop the force field then defeat the Jem'Hadar inside. Just to warn you, there is another group of Jem'Hadar patrolling nearby, you may want to deal with them first before lowering the force field. Speak with the Vorta to get the command codes of the ship. Now head to the turbolift and take it to the bridge.

You will now need to secure the bridge. After you defeat the group of Jem'Hadar that are already on the ship you will need to defeat a few more groups which beam in. After that you can return to your ship.

Back in the wormhole you and the Rapier will need to exit (go back the way you came). The Rapier's weapons are offline so you'll need to protect it. You'll eventually reach the end and you can exit the wormhole.

You'll exit the wormhole and need to defeat some Jem'Hadar ships that followed you through. After that you can leave the system (which will bring you back to the DS9 social map).

Skill Points
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