Night of the Comet Walkthrough

Location: Bepi System

You'll need to travel back in time again in order to stop the Devidians from accomplishing their goal. Travel to the Bepi system and use the slingshot effect in order to travel through time.

When you enter the Bepi system you will be contacted and given a holoemitter to look like a a Klingon ship. You will also have to use the slingshot effect around the star in order to travel back in time. In order to do this you will need to hit each mark around the star and be at full impulse. These marks are giant circles and the path is marked as a blue line. Each time you hit a mark your speed will increase so you must stay on target to hit the next mark. There are five marks, after you have hit all of them you will travel back in time. Its easy if you align yourself with the blue line and only control the left and right motion of your ship. Never tilt your ship up or down.


You will be sent to Drozana station in the past. When you enter you will be contacted by the U.S.S. Reuben James. You will have to battle the ship and disable it. After you have done that and your ship is down from Red Alert you will receive a hail from Drozana station talking about creatures attacking the station. Beam down with your away team.

When you beam into the station you will need to clear it of the Devidians. There will be 6 groups of Devidians on this level of the station, clear them all. There will also be Klingon and Federation members on this level. You will need to fight them and battle them too in order to stun them so they will not get hurt. The sixth group will be in the room where you beamed in.


When you have defeat all 6 groups a Phantasm will speak to you telling you to leave. Of course you will not listen. Head to the room with the last group of devidians and battle them. You will need to shoot the door open. A Shrouded Phantasm will be directly in front of you. I suggest focusing your entire team's firepower on it then destroy any other devidians that are around. After you have finished, enter the room and speak to Lt. Commander Scott. You will have to escort him to the shipyard.

When you have reached the shipyard speak with Scotty. He will tell you to find Cassidy and get Quantum Flux Regulator. She will need a nerve tonic to calm herself down before helping you. Return to Scotty to find out the right type of nerve tonic that the Bartender can make. He will tell you what she has ordered in the past. You can click through each to read about her reactions, but it isn't necessary if you follow the steps below. Return to the Bartender and choose these options:

D7 Holoemitter

Make sure you pick up the glass off the bar (an option will appear on your screen). Return to Cassidy and give her the tonic. If any of the ingredients is wrong she will tell you. If it is correct she will be grateful and give you the Quantum Flux Regulator and you can return to Scotty to give it to him. After you give it to him you will have to beam up to your ship and destroy the comet.

A group of Klingon vessels will be in the system and engage you since they think you are from the House of Duras. You will have to disable them and destroy the comet before you are overwhelmed. I suggest attacking the comet and ignoring the Klingons. Your objective is to not alter the timeline. The comet will continue breaking up, and you will need to destroy all the pieces. It will break into three fragments. Each fragment will break into three shards. Once you have destroyed all nine shards you can return to your own time.

Skill Points
Federation Type 3 Phaser Rifle
One of the following
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