Skirmish Walkthrough

Location: Donatu System

Join your faction's task force at the Donatu system and find out why the Cardassians are there.

When you enter into the system you will need to destroy 3 Klingon and True Way ship groups. You will also have to disable the Axon, a True Way vessel, and beam on board.

Your goal is to get to the bridge. Begin by going to the first room. You will need to defeat the two True Way groups that are in there and then disable the forcefield using one of the consoles. Continue through the ship. When you reach the mess hall everything will turn blue for an instance and some creatures will appear, but they will vanish quickly. Take care of the Cardassians in the room, then scan the dead Cardassian.


Your Bridge Officer will determine that he was killed before you arrived and that it was done by the strange creatures. You will have to go to the Medbay and gather tools to exam the Cardassian's body. When you enter the Medbay everything will turn blue and those creatures will appear again, don't worry you do not have to fight them, the will vanish quickly.


There are 5 patients in the Medbay, you will have to read through all of their records. Two are on the first floor, three are on the second floor. On the right stairway is a dead Cardassian and medkit. Investigate the dead Cardassian and then use the medkit. You will want to choose the Neuralyte Probe from the medkit. You can then investigate the dead Cardassian again. You will determine that his brain activity came to a complete stop. Your Bridge Officer will detect an interference. Head to the science lab across the hall to use internal sensors.

Use the internal sensors to scan for Triolic Waves. The sensors will detect it coming from the bridge, so head over to the bridge using the turbo lift outside the hallway. When you enter the bridge area, everything will be blue. All those creatures will be on the bridge. You guessed it, they are Devidians. Defeat them. After defeating them a Phantasm will appear. It will be a little harder to defeat, but not too difficult.

After the Phantasm is defeated will need to access the ship files. Read the logs from the Captain, Chief Engineer, and Science Officer. You may now return to your ship.

Skill Points
One of the following:
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