Spin the Wheel Walkthrough

Location: Drozana Station

Travel to Drozana station where you will need to contact Ze'mara to get some information.

On the station you must go to Belan and choose the option to question him. Tell him you are looking for Ze'mara. He will pretend like he doesn't remember, so tell him that you would like to reach an arrangement. He will want you to go to the cargo bay and repair his replicators.


The first console to your left is for the replicators. Use the console and click through the options as they appear. Eventually you will be able to contact your ship for further instructions. There are 8 consoles in the cargo bay. You will need to scan all 8 and also realign station's power. Use the map to find the consoles. This is the correct order to realign the power:

Return to Belan after you have completed both objectives and tell him that the replicators are working. He will tell you to find Ze'mara near the Dabo table. Go to her and ask her what you can do to help. She will appear nervous and eventually tell you to play Dabo in order to not seem suspicious. Keep spinning until you win some Gold Pressed Latinum. When you do Holo-Leeta will talk to you. She will tell you that if you want to find out what is going on you will have to go to the lower levels. Return to Ze'mara and speak with her. After that your Bridge Officer will contact you and suggest that you go to Deep Space K-7 (Ganalda for Klingons).

Go to club K-7 on the station and take the turbolift to the lab. Speak with Lieutenant Kalapo and tell him that there are Devidians in the neutral zone. Beam back to your ship and contact Franklin Drake.

When you beam into the station go to Research Lead B'Eler who is in the center of the main room and tell her that you have found evidence of Devidians in the neutral zone. Beam back to your ship and contact K'men.

Skill Points
One of the following:
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