What Lies Beneath Walkthrough

Location: Drozana Station

You need to go to Drozana station and enter the lower levels in order to investiage the recent problems.

In Drozana station use the console which is located next to the lift on the right side of the bar (look at your map). This will allow you to enter into the lower levels of Drozana stations.

Your first task is to locate the Maintenance lift which will take you to the computer core. Straight ahead and to the left is a small box with an emergency flashlight. Take it and equip it in your character's device slots then activate it. This will cause light to shine directly in front of you. There is also a door nearby, walk toward it and it will open.

First Level

Enter the room and go to your left, there will be another door which will open. A dead Ferengi will be right in front of you, scan him. You can also check out the Power Distribution Grid which is located in the room next to the dead Ferengi.

Go back into the main room and continue forward. The door at the other other end of this room will be locked, you can bypass it which will cause some Talarian Hook Spiders to appear, they are easy to destroy. You can also take the alternate route where there is a Devidian trap. In the next large room will be a few easy to destroy spiders.

Head to the door on the other side of the room and go through. Devidians will appear and attack. Destroy them and continue. Make sure you use the Proton Rifle that you got as a reward from the last mission. At the end of the hallway is a console that lets you access the maintenance lift. It will be locked down so you will have to use the computer around the corner to unlock it. Go back to the lift and activate the console.

Gein Second Level

You will be taken to the wrong level of the station and need to do some repairs before proceeding to the Computer Core. As you walk to the room in front of you the door may get locked down. If it does you can contact your ship but you won't be able to get through to them. Use the console to the left of the door to unlock it.

When you enter the room the door will close and lock behind you.

Repair the 1st relay (use the map above to find it and defeat the Devidians that appear, then head to the 2nd one. As you do you will hear someone call out. Use the communication console to contact her. It will sound like she got attacked so go to the door in front of you and access the manual release. Enter the room and check on her, she is to the right. Repair the 2nd relay and defeat the spiders that appear.

Head to the 3rd relay. You will see some Devidians but they will vanish. When you get to the console they will appear again. Defeat them then repair the 3rd relay. As you head to the 4th and final relay a voice will sound through the station, and plasma will randomly shoot out from the walls. Continue to the 4th relay and repair it. After you do a guy named Gein will appear, attack him but after a little bit he will vanish.

Head back to the main room where you will find Gein and some Devidians, defeat them. After you do you will be able to access the lift again and head to the computer core.


Head to the security door which you will find locked. You can unlock it using the console in the nearby room. When you reach the console some Devidians will appear. Defeat them, unlock the door, and continue. Keep heading down the ramps. Eventually you will reach a level where you can regulate the Core's power, it is an optional task. Your Bridge Officer will contact you about it. Core You will also reach a room where you can regulate the Core field, it is also optional.

You will eventually reach the core which is guarded by Devidians, defeat them then scan their portal. After you scan it you can beam out, and head to Deep Space K-7 (Ganalda for Klingons) to present this information. Use the computer in the main room of K-7(Ganalda) to analyze your data. Beam out.

Skill Points
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