Boldly They Rode Walkthrough

Location: Deep Space 9

Now that Starfleet has the aid of a Founder they are going to try to retake DS9. You are to rendezvous with a Jem'Hadar ship near DS9. Captain Kurland will be leading a taskforce if it is needed.

Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them
Volley'd and thunder'd; Storm'd at with shot and shell, Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell, Rode the six hundred.

- The Charge of the Light Brigade


Upon starting the mission you will beam on board the Jem'Hadar vessel and will need to speak with Eraun. Go through the dialog (choose any options) then use the nearby console to hail Deep Space 9. After a cut scene you'll speak with the founder. Next take the EV suit from the crate. It will be an item in your inventory that you can equip as armor. On your shortcut tray you'll be able to activate the environmental suit by clicking the icon. Now exit the airlock.

Deep Space 9 Hull


On the hull of DS9 you'll need to use the nearby console to activate the safety posts. Click on a post then click on your thruster in order to fly to it. Keep doing this to continue forward quickly. If you get lost used the Virtual Guide Path button on your screen.

You will go to three posts before you'll need to access a maintenance hatch and reroute sensors in order to not be detected. To your left is another post, click it and fly down to the level below you. To the left of this post is the maintenance hatch. There are two smaller panels on the opposite side. Go to them and check out the sensors are processed.

These will be a set of images which you need to remember. If you look at it, near the top of the image is a lighter "setting" remember this position and the name of the setting. For example Sensor Filters may have the setting in the 1st position. Local E/M Override may have it in the 3rd position. Make sure you write that information down because it is different every time. Here is a picture to show the positions:


Now return to the larger panel (near the post) and reroute the external sensors. Choose the Set Manual Filters option and put the settings in the correct position based on the name. You can now continue moving along the posts. Avoid any electrical discharges you see (green lightning). After 3 posts there will be a cutscene of a ship crashing into the station. You'll need to get around it so turn right and use the post that is on the upper level.

While going around the ship the engine will go critical. If it does click on the Jump Now button and you'll be fine. If you don't click it you'll die and need to respawn. You'll continue from the same place either way.

After a cutscene go to your left and across the power junctions. If you see electricity don't hit it. Wait for it to stop and then continue. Once you cross some of the power junction a Jem'Hadar ship will fly close to check the damage so you'll need to take care of it. Travel to your right.

Now use the console that is to your left. You will need to line up the isolinear chips so they look like this:

Isoleaner Chips

Now override the weapons targeting. The Jem'Hadar ship will leave and you can continue. At the end of this row you'll need to get to the ledge above you. There will be another post up there so simply click on it and use your thrusters like you've been doing. Remember if you get lost use the virtual guide path.

Eventually you'll get closer to ops. Kar'ukan will have raised a security field around Ops so you will need to enter the Promenade and make your way to Ops. Use the nearby console to Override Security Protocols and gain access to the Promenade through a hatch.

Deep Space 9


You'll now be inside the station, in the exchange room. All you need to do is leave here and reach Ops (don't forget to equip your armor again). There are a few optional objectives which you can do to make this mission a bit easier. If you complete the Find Useful Supplies objective it will make the battle against Kar'ukan a bit easier.

You'll need to find your way to the upper level so work your way around until you find a turbolift that works and can bring you up. Now work your way around the upper level until you find the turbolift that goes to Ops (it'll be the one to the right of the turbolift that brought you to the upper level). After a brief cut scene you'll have to fight Kar'ukan. After the battle beam up to your ship.


Back in space you'll need to fight off the entire Jem'Hadar fleet. Keep battling until every ship is destroyed. You can then beam to Deep Space 9 to celebrate your victory.


You can optionally hail the Enterprise and the Dominion from DS9. Finally Speak with Captain Kurland.

Skill Points
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