Of Bajor Walkthrough

Location: Bajor

To begin this mission go to Bajor where Starfleet is planning a counterattack to reclaim Deep Space 9.


On the surface of Bajor you'll need to speak with Commander Achebe (her location is on your map). She'll ask you speak with Lieutenant Jirelle Kav. She will want you to help setup the Starfleet base of operations on Bajor. All Starfleet officers can acceept the Starfleet mission from her, but she also has additional career missions. KDF officers will get a mission from K'men. You can only complete one of these missions.


Starfleet officers will need to intervene in Klingon hostilities. There are three locations to do this: the bar, alleys, and the checkpoint. At all of these points you'll have to speak with three Klingons and break up the fight. If you choose the following three options when they appear, you'll be able to avoid battling the Klingons.

  • Option 1: There is glory to be had elsewhere.
  • Option 2: You need to be fighting the Jem'Hadar not the Bajorans.
  • Option 3: You bring dishonor to the Empire

    Eavesdropping on Electronics (KDF Only)

    As a KDF Officer you will be able to plant listeneing devices throughout the town. Use your minimap to find the locations. When you plant a device you'll have to click the three options that appear to activate it. A Starfleet officer will also beam in who you should defeat.

    Engineering Mission
    As an enginering officer you will need to make some repairs to Starfleet equipment. Go to the locations on your minimap and find items you can interact with that have the Repair option. There are only two items in each section that you can repair. Once you repair one of them the other will "unlock". Repair that one to "unlock" the first one and repair it again. You'll just keep moving back and forth between the two items in each section until you've made a total of 5 repairs.
    Science Mission
    As a science officer you will need to escort injuried Deep Space 9 crew to the infirmary. Start by going to the transporter room and choosing the Transport Officer to Bajor option. A Deep Space 9 crewman will beam in. Now head south to the infirmary (the crewman will follow you). Along the way the officer might stop so you'll need to temporarily heal them. You will need to go back and forth to the transporter room 3 times.
    Tactical Mission
    As a tactical officer you can find any security vulnerabilities in the base's network. Use the nearby console to update the firewall. You'll learn that it won't be so simple, so begin by searching the network for flaws in the firewall. There are three consoles nearby in town that you must go to so use your minimap to find them.

    After you have found the vulernability you will need to trace the network lines. Once again use your minimap to the find the location of the consoles you need to use. After that you will need to repair the security flaws using another console in town.
    Holo Deep Space 9

    Once you have completed your mission, Lieutenant Kav will have two missions for you in order to train for ground combat against the Dominion. Choose either mission you want. You can only complete one.


    For this mission use the nearby holosuite to train in ground combat. This mission lets you train against a Changeling. You will find yourself inside a shuttle bay simulation where you will need to find crates and search it for life signs.

    If a crate is actually a Changeling you'll have to battle it. Battle the Changeling until its health is low and it reverts back into its liquid form. At this point it will completely heal itself so keep battling it. Once again, when you get its health low, it will turn into its solid form and heal itself. After this you can actually defeat it. When the Changeling is defeated, it will revert back to its liquid form. Go up to it and choose the Capture Changeling option that appears on your screen in order to complete the mission.


    For this mission use the nearby holosuite to train in ground combat. This mission lets you train against the Jam'Hadar. You will find yoursel find yourself inside a shuttlebay where you will need to defeat four waves of Jem'Hadar soldiers.

    After that, Lieutenant Kav will have two missions in order to train for space combat against the Dominion. Again, you can only complete one so choose either one.


    This holodeck simulation allows you to train in space combat against Capital Ships. This is a simple mission, simply defeat the holodeck simulations of Jem'Hadar ships.


    This holodeck simulation allows you to train in space combat against Small Craft. This is a simple mission, simply defeat the holodeck simulations of Jem'Hadar ships.

    Now that you are done you will need to find Colonel Kubus Pohl of the Bajoran Militia and assist him. The Bajorans are upset about the arrival of the people from Deep Space 9. You will need to appease them. Choose one of the two missions.


    Speak with Rajan Ravel on the other side of town. You will need to search for a solution in the Bajoran Religious texts that will calm the people. The book you will want to read is the Observations for the Gratitude Festival. You will now need to burn Batere Incense at seven locations around town where there are candles. Use the minimap to find them.


    Head into the center of the city and speak with the Bajoran Protestor. Choosing the following options can be used to complete the mission.:
    • Bajor has a rich cultural heritage.
      • There is now a thriving soil reclamation...
    • The Bajoran religion is a key cultural keystone
      • The Prophets never abandoned Bajor...
      • The entities you call Prophets still...
    • The Bajoran government is stable...
      • The Bajoran people were put in a terrible...
    • Bajor has a rich history and its people...
      • If you feel remorse for the violence in...
    • We appreciate that you are willing to share...
      • This is a temporary arragement. All...
    • Many of our facilities, including our...
      • Our doctors have sworn an oath to do...
    • Bajor is a beautiful world...
      • With careful planning, we can...
    • We do not want to leave a mark on Bajor...
      • We can work together to right many of...
      • Traps will catch your pests...

    After completing your mission return to Kubus Pohl and choose one of the two new missions he has for you.


    You will need to use the Orb of Prophecy and Change at the Ha'dara temple to learn about the Prophets and Petition them. There will be a short cut scene and the mission will be complete.


    For this mission you will need to increase the soil fertility in the greenhouse. For some soil you will need to bring the Soil pH to above 7. Use the options to increase or decrease the pH until the soil is at the optimum level which is around 6.5 (the value turns green).

    For other soil, there are three values in each plant pot. They need to be roughly sand = 40, silt = 40, clay = 20. The numbers may not be exact which is alright. When you click on one option you can either increase or decrease. Then you can decrease the other two options. The only trick here is to keep playing with it until all three values are green. If you are looking to get the mission done quicker then I suggest doing the Petition the Prophets objective instead.

    For other soil, there will be four options on how to restore the soil to optimum growing conditions. Just keep choosing form the four options until it works.

    You can now return to Commander Achebe. She will tell you about a subspace relay nearby. You will need to use it to gather intel coming from Deep Space 9.

    Before I explain anything, let me just say you are looking for Private Network 5492. Lets start by decreasing the frequency all the way and then increasing it one at a time. When the Current Frequency becomes green, choose it to see if that frequency is Private Network 5492.

    If you reached the maximum frequency and did not find it then click on the Current Band button and change it to Gigahertz. Repeat the same process for this. If you still didn't find Private Network 5492 then change the Current Band to Terahertz and repeat the same process for this.

    Once you have found Private Network 5492 choose the Initate Communications button. Now go through the dialog to learn about what is going on at Deep Space 9, then return to Commander Achebe. Now return to the Bajoran Militia HQ (where Colonel Pohl is) and use the communications device to contact Deep Space 9. After a brief cut scene you'll be presented with three options. Choose any options that you want.

    Skill Points
    One of the following
    • Pack of Ten: Portable Shroud Generators
    • Jem'Hadar Armor
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