Afterlife Walkthrough

Location: Boreth System

Emperor Kahless wants you to travel to the monastery at Boreth. He will tell you what to do in order to stop the Fek'lhri.

Inside the Boreth system you will need to defeat three squads of Fek'lhri ships around the planet. After that a Fek'lhri battleship will warp in and you'll need to defeat that as well. Once you are done you can beam down to the planet.

Shrine of Kahless

On the planet you'll need to find the Shrine of Kahless. There are Fek'lhri here so you will need to battle them. Make your way down the structure all the way to the bottom. On this last level you'll find the Shrine of Kahless. Once you get inside go straight across from the doorway to the other side of the platform and meditate in front of the Shrine. You don't need to battle the Fek'lhri. Go through the dialog that appears.

You will now find yourself on the Barge of the Dead where you must defeat the Ferryman in order to get answers from him. You will find out that you do not belong there and will need to defeat the four specters to prove you can protect your world. You will need to convince the spirits to row the boat in order to take you to Gre'thor.

You must speak to each group of condemned souls in order to convince them to join. When you speak with them it is a good idea to pick the second option which usually talks about honor, you shouldn't threaten or insult them. Then Herron Lord of the Dead will enter the boat and you must defeat him.

At this point you can either continue to the next mission by choosing "Enter the Gates of Gre'thor" or save it for a later time by choosing "Not Now". Either way you have completed Afterlife.

232 Skill Points
250 Expertise
305 Starfleet Merits
One of the following
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