The Gates of Gre'thor Walkthrough

Location: Boreth System

Now in Gre'thor, you must face the four spectres of Cowardice, Treachery, and Dishonor then stop Molor from returning to the land of the living.


Leave the barge and head towards the gates where you and the other dead Klingons will battle with the Fek'lhri. After defeating the two groups of Fek'lhri the gate operator will go to open it for you. While he does that you must protect him from the Fek'lhri. After he is done you can open the gate and prepare for battle with the Fek'lhri inside.

At this point you will also need to battle the three specters. Going near the circle markers on your map will cause a dialog to appear for each specter. You can then summon him. Be careful because other Fek'lhri will be summoned as well. Once you have defeated all three you can use the doors to continue deeper into Gre'thor. Once you find Molor defeat him and then Kahless will contact you. He needs you to help him defeat another creature.

You are now back at the Shrine of Kahless. Continue straight ahead and go down the ramp until you find Kahless and speak with him. In the room ahead is Fek'lhr made flesh and Kahless wants to fight by your side to defeat him. You will first need to defeat three groups of Fek'lhri and then Fek'lhr himself will emerge. After defeating him you can return to your ship.

232 Skill Points
250 Expertise
305 Starfleet Merits
One of the following
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