Klingon Empire Mission Walkthroughs

Blood of the Empire Blood of the Empire 32 Norgh System There are reports that a battle is taking place in the Norgh system. You are being sent to help fight off any enemies that are there.
Destiny Destiny 33 Qo'noS System Chancellor J'mpok wants you to report to him at Qo'noS to discuss the Fek'lhri threat.
Afterlife Afterlife 34 Boreth System Emperor Kahless wants you to travel to the monastery at Boreth. He will tell you what to do in order to stop the Fek'lhri.
The Gates of Gre'thor The Gates of Gre'thor 34 Boreth System Now in Gre'thor, you must face the four spectres of Cowardice, Treachery, and Dishonor then stop Molor from returning to the land of the living.
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