The Doomsday Device Walkthrough

Location: Donai System (Sirius Sector Block)

Starfleet believes that the Klingons are testing weapons in the Donai system. They received a message from K'Valk saying that Ambassador B'vat has created a doomsday weapon. You are being sent there to find K'Valk and learn about what is going on. Lieutenant VanZyl will be joining you.

In the system you'll need to find and disable the I.K.S. Targ in order to look for a contact that Starfleet has on board the ship. You will also need to destroy the the Klingon ships that are with the Targ. You will then have to beam on board the I.K.S. Targ.

You will be by yourself on the Targ and will need to secure the Engineering Deck. Boarding parties have already landed on the ship so they will be helping you battle the Klingons. After you have secured it you will need to get to the turbolift. Leave engineering and run straight down the hall to the turbolift.

I.K.S. Targ

Now you can take the turbolift to the bridge and secure it. There will be a battle right outside the turbolift. I highly recommend defeating all the Warriors first. Don't attack the Captain yet. This is actually a difficult battle so don't feel bad if you need to re-spawn. After this battle go straight down the hall to the captain's ready room and access the ship's log. You will have a cut scene where you watch the log and learn that K'Valk is in the brig.

Go back to the turbolift and take it to the brig. K'Valk is in the first cell on the left side. Use the comm panel to speak with him. He will want you to lower the forcefield. Do it and he will walk out. You can now speak with him. There are a few options you can go through if you want, or just choose What should we do now?

Lieutenant VanZyl will tell you that Starfleet has a priority one message for you. Return to the ready room of the Klingon ship and contact Starfleet. After a short cut scene you will have to complete a career specific objective.

Repair Engines
- Engineering Objective

Return to Engineering and use the console at the center of the room to run a diagnostic on the engines. You will detect that you need to replace the polarity thruster assembly for helm control before you can use the impulse engines. According to the ship's logs the replacement part is in sickbay. Use the turbolift to reach sick bay where you will find the part in a container directly in front of you. Now return to the bridge to install it on the console at the front right corner. You will get the Can Anyone Read Klingon accolade.
Repair the Sensors
- Science Objective

Return to Engineering and use the console at the left side of the room (toward the center) to run a diagnostic on the sensors. You'll detect two problems. The first is a malfunctioning surgical bed in Sickbay. The next is that the multiphase buffers are out of alignment. First go to Sickbay and repair the bed which is in the back of Sickbay. Once it is repaired you can go to the bridge to repair the sensors using the console that is directly to the left of the door. You will get the Broken Wing accolade.
Repair Weapons
- Tactical Objective

Return to Engineering and use the console on the left wall of the room (toward the middle) and run a diagnostic on the weapons. You will find out that the power couplings on the port side of the ship are fused. You will need to reroute power from Sickbay to get the weapons online. So head over to sickbay by using the turbolift. In sickbay you will need to use the console behind the desk to reroute power. Now return to the bridge and use the console on the left side to activate the weapons. You will get the Cloak and Bat'leth accolade.

Return to Engineering to speak with K'Valk. He will tell you that you will need to land on the planet of Imaga to take control of the energy drain. He will also give you and a personal holoemitter so you will look like a Klingon. Now return to the bridge and hail your ship. After a brief dialog you can warp to Imaga in the Klingon ship.

In the Imaga system you'll have to scan Generator Alpha first. It is directly ahead of you. You may want to adjust your shortcut tray and Bridge Officer assignments since you are on a different ship. Don't worry, at the end of the mission you will be back on your own ship and everything will be back to normal. Scanning the generator will cause some defense drones to activate. Deal with them then scan it again. You will then get a cut scene.

Now you will need to load a control program in to the three generators. The other two will have defense drones as well. You can now go down to the planet.


You and your away team will have the holoemitters so you will look like Klingons. You will need to shut down the energy drain field by using two consoles, Alpha and Beta. Speak with K'Valk and he will tell you that the guard at console Alpha will be willing to negotiate. The guard at console Beta will want to fight. You need to only reach one of the consoles, not both. He also warns to watch out for Targs since they won't be fooled by the holoemitters.

I also recommend putting your away team into passive mode so they won't attack the Klingons (you really don't need to defeat all of them). You should also try running straight for the console locations (while avoiding the Targs) in order to avoid battling. You may get pulled into a few battles though. Now choose which console you want to go to (it doesn't really matter) and head for it.

You now need to return to the landing site. The quickest way to do this is down the side of the mountain at the bottom of your map. You will avoid battles this way. You can also go back the way you came, the choice is yours. once you reach the landing site you will need to speak with B'Vat. After a cut scene you will have to do battle with some of the Klingons. You can now board the Targ.

Back in space you will need to scan the doomsday device. Go straight ahead to the nav beacon which is far enough for you to scan it and find a weakness. A brief cut-scene will show the device destroy a small moon. Then K'Valk will... I won't spoil this part for you.

Now you will need to fire the Hargh'peng torpedoes down the center of the doomsday device. Each shot will do 20% damage to the device. You will also want to avoid being in front of the device went it fires. After five shots the doomsday device will be destroyed. You can now leave the system. Back in sector space you will be in your own ship.

Skill Points
One of the following And One of the following
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