Klingon War

Stranded in Space Stranded in Space 1 S.S. Azura Starfleet has lost contact with a Bolian freighter, the S.S. Azura, on its way back to Earth Space Dock. You must find it and give it any assistance it may need.
Diplomatic Orders Diplomatic Orders 2 Vulcan
Ambassador Sokketh is traveling to P'Jem. Starfleet feels that the Klingons or Orions may try to capture him. Admiral Quinn wants you to escort the Ambassador to P'Jem.
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek 3 Lackey The encoded message you picked up in the Diplomatic Orders mission talks about the Paulson Nebula and the Lackey system. Admiral Quinn is sending you there to investigate.
Stop the Signal Stop the Signal 4 Bomari Starfleet has decrypted the information you found at the Klingon listening post in the Paulson Nebula. They have found another listening station nearby. Travel to the Bomari system and use the signal repeater to find the listening post.
Researcher Rescue Researcher Rescue 5 Kassae You are being sent to the Kassae system in order to rescue a research station that is being attacked by the Gorn.
The Kuvah'Magh The Kuvah'Magh 6 Regulus Miral Paris, who the Klingons believe is their Kuvagh'Magh (savior), is meeting with a Klingon representative to talk peace. You are being sent to the Regulus system to oversee security for the meeting.
War is Good for Business War is Good for Business 7 Celes The U.S.S. ShiKahr is experiencing problems and is carrying a scientific team. They have requested assistance from another ship. Rendezvous with it in the Celes system to help them.
Treasure Trading Station Treasure Trading Station 8 Argelius You must travel to the trading station in the Argelius system in order to find Marta. She is a servant to one of the Klingon houses that has vital information. She will share it in exchange for relocation to a planet away from the Klingons.
Secret Orders Secret Orders 9 Briar Patch Your mission is to go to the Briar Patch and find a Klingon base to learn what they are hiding. If you find weapons you must deactivate them.
Task Force Hippocrates Task Force Hippocrates 10 Xarantine
There have been reports of Klingon and Gorn attacks in the Pi Canis Sector. You must patrol it and give assistance to anyone that needs it.
Skirmish Skirmish 11 Donatu Join your faction's task force at the Donatu system and find out why the Cardassians are there.
Spin The Wheel Spin The Wheel 12 Drozana Station Travel to Drozana station where you will need to contact Ze'mara to get some information.
What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath 13 Drozana Station You need to go to Drozana station and enter the lower levels in order to investiage the recent problems.
Everything Old is New Everything Old is New Again 14 Drozana Station Based on the information gathered from the previous mission, you will need to go back in time using the Devidian portal and try to find out what they are doing.
Night of the Comet Night of the Comet 15 Bepi You'll need to travel back in time again in order to stop the Devidians from accomplishing their goal. Travel to the Bepi system and use the slingshot effect in order to travel through time.
The Ultimate Klingon The Ultimate Klingon 16 Korvat
The Klingons have been stealing medical supplies. You must meet with Chirugeon Ghee P'Trell because he might be able to determine what the supplies are for.
The Doomsday Device The Doomsday Device 17 Donai Starfleet believes that the Klingons are testing weapons in the Donai system. They received a message from K'Valk saying that Ambassador B'vat has created a doomsday weapon. You are being sent there to find K'Valk and learn about what is going on.
City on the Edge of Never City on the Edge of Never 18 JFS47 System You must meet with the U.S.S. Kirk in the JFS47 System. You are supposed to meet with him and find out what Singh was up to and to learn if B'vat is planning on changing the timeline.
Past Imperfect Past Imperfect 18 Gateway System The Guardian has sent you and your ship to the year 2270, in the past. You learn that your history files have been altered saying that the U.S.S. Enterprise captained by James T. Kirk was destroyed. You must correct history.
Temporal Ambassador Temporal Ambassador 20 Azura Nebula A strange anomaly has been detected in the Azura Nebula. With all of the Tholian activity in that area, can danger be too far behind?
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