Alpha Walkthrough

Location: Orith


A Bird-of-Prey on an important mission went missing in Romulan space. The last known location of the vessel was in the Orith system. You are to report there and determine what happened. The primary mission is to recover the ship's data.


Upon entering the Orith system you'll need to perform a scan of the system. There will be a lot of interference so you will need to focus scans in key areas. Begin by going to the Ion Nebula directly ahead and calibrate your sensors here.

You'll now detect metalic objects nearby so travel to them to determine if its the missing Bird-of-Prey. Once you get close enough you'll need to recalibrate the sensors again. Some turrets will appear so you can destroy them if you like. The scan of the wreckage will determine that there was a battle here.

There will be a radiation anomaly close to the planet but beneath you (near the bottom of the asteroids). Use it to calibrate your sensors even more. Some Nausicaan ships will appear which you will need to destroy. Get close to the small moon (Orith II) and beam down.


On the surface of the planet you'll find yourself inside a jungle. You'll need to make your way to higher ground in order get a view of the area. At the top you'll set up a pattern enhancer to use later in order to beam out. After a brief cutscene you can proceed.

You will now need to reach the crash site of the missing Bird-of-Prey. It can be a bit confusing through the jungle, but try to follow the path where the [I] symbols are. You can also use the map on this page for some general help. The map here is not the exact path, but it gives you a general idea of where to go.

Along the way (near the [I] symbols) are dead members of the ship's crew. Scan all of them to get an accolade. One will have a Saber Cat near it, so if you want to scan the body you'll need to take care of the cat first.


Eventually you'll reach the crash site and will have to scan it for lifesigns. Radiation from the ship will make it hard to detect lifesigns so just head towards the ship. You'll find the Captain alive in front of it so speak with him. You will need to search for 6 surviving crewmen. They will be all around the ship, so you won't have to go far. One of them will be a Romulan who you will take with you.

When you are done return to Captain K'Teng and speak with him again. Use a Hypospray to heal him then use the nearby console to bypass the data lockout the Romulan set up. You can either do it yourself or convince the Romulan to do it. If you do it yourself you'll need to align the chips in the order of blue, green, white. Click the Options button will let you "convince" the Romulan. Convincing him means you will attack him until he goes to the console and does the work for you.


After that you can return to Captain K'Teng. He will go with you to the transport point, but will stop along the way. Hail your Ship when the option appears on your screen. Some Hirogen will beam in which the Captain will attack. The Romulan will try to escape so you must follow him. If you lose him don't worry, just look at your map for where you need to go.

You will reach a point where some Klingons are being held captive. Free them so they can return to the transport site. The Romulan will return in your direction and ask you to help him. You'll have the choice of leaving him behind for the Hirogen to get or taking him with you. If you leave him behind you'll need to attack him. If you take him with you then you will need to defeat some Hirogen. Either way you can return to the Pattern Enhancer the same way you came.

Orith Jungle

On your way back you will find four trapped crewmen who have explosives under them. You'll need to try to disarm the explosives to save them, but you will only have about 5 seconds. Go up to him and click the dialog option to help them. When the dialog box appears, see which wires it tells you to cut and do it in that order, then click disarm. If you don't disarm them in time they will explode. Either way Hirogen will beam in and you'll need to defeat them.

When you get close to the transport site Captain K'Teng will catch up with you. Go to him and speak with him. He will continue to the pattern enhancer and you will need to defeat the Hirogen Alpha. Talk to him when he beams in then fight off all of his hunters and him. You can now beam out when you are ready or continue exploring the jungle.

Congratulations! Mission Complete. Contact Chancellor J'mpok.

Skill Points
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