Coliseum Walkthrough

Location: Nopada System

Contact Obisek to start this mission. One of his ships that was carrying thalaron weapons disappeared in the Nopada system. He has asked you to travel there, find the ship, and rescue his people.

In the system you'll find a debris field around the planet which seems to be from destroyed ships. Your first task is to investigate it. You will then need to scan the nearby satellite. Just before you do it an energy beam will attack the ship. You won't be able to move or really do anything so click the Scan Satellite button on your screen. You'll need to beam over to the satellite and try to disable the beam.

Satellite Inside the satellite you'll need to find a way to access the computer console. You'll first need to access the Cargo Bay Console. Your Bridge Officer will determine that there are some equations that are locking up the system. You'll need to solve them before continuing.

You'll be given equations, each with a letter where a missing number belongs. You'll need to click the options at the bottom in order to cycle to the correct number. After you have cycled to the correct number click Lock Position. The number will turn green after you have locked it in if it is correct. You'll need to solve 3 pages of equations (a total of 6 equations). The answers for each are:

Now you can unlock the other computers. Each console has an override console nearby, use it by inputting the correct numbers (which will appear as an option).

Start by overriding the Targeting Console, then accessing it. When you access the Targeting Console follow these steps:
  1. Access Long Range Scanners
    • Expand Scan Range 1000 km
  2. Open Ship Identification Program
    • Reclassify Derelict Hulk: Active
  3. Access Targeting Control
    • Designate Derelict Hulk as Priority Target

Next override the Power Console and access it. Follow these steps:
  1. Update Power Save Modes
    • Load Power Save Mode: Economical
  2. Set Process Priority Values
    • Restore Factory Default Settings

Finally override the Satellite Operations Console and access it. Follow these steps:
  1. Change Operational State
    • Set Satellite's Operation State to OFF

Coliseum You can now return to the ship. Unfortunately you don't go there. You end up in some cage, so click the options Where am I? then Now What?. You can now exit the cage and walk down the hall. At one point you'll be able to go right and pick up some melee weapons. You won't be able to use any other weapon or your abilities. You can take as many melee weapons as you want, then continue into the arena.

Slamek In the arena you'll be put through a series of tests. It is important to note here that there are herbs on the ground of the arena. You can pick these up to heal yourself. After the battles the prisoner who is with you will be forced to stay in the arena so return to your cell. In the cell you'll need to wait for a bit. Eventually Slamek, another prisoner, will enter the cage near you. Speak with him choosing diplomatic options. If you upset him you will be able to go back and continue your discussion by choosing another option.

After your conversation you and Slamek will decide to try escaping. Wait a few more moments then you're cage door will open so return to the arena. You'll need to survive the attack of aehallh worms wile Slamek frees the other prisoners. Be careful of the acid that these worms shoot out, there is a chance it can kill you if you stay around the acid for too long. First defeat the few worms that are sticking out of the ground (these are easy). After that a large worm will come out from the ground, use one of the consoles on either side of the arena to activate the turret. The large worm will destroy it then go under ground. Defeat the smaller worms that come out.

The large worm will come out again so use the console on the other side of the arena to activate the other turret. After that is destroyed return to the gate where you first entered from and use the console there to open the doors. This will release some prisoners. Now go straight across (to the top of the map) and use the console by the metal wall. This will cause the remaining turrets to activate and kill the large worm. At this point you can go back to the room with the prison (where you always start from) and access the melee weapons that were behind a forcefield before. This will give you a chance of getting an Uncommon one. You can also use the other door in the arena and access the melee weapons there.

When the large worm falls it will break the metal wall, go through it. You'll find yourself in a Romulan base. To your left is a console which you can use to disable the dampening field so you can use your energy weapon again as well as your abilities. Now climb through the waste pipe to escape.

Nopada You'll enter the Nopada Desert and will need to reach Slamek's ship which is to the east. After walking for a bit you'll need to take cover in some rock formation to hide from a ship. After it passes over you can continue east but Slamek will need to rest for a minute due to his injuries. You'll need to find a disinfectant, antipyretic, and analgesic for him. There are three plants nearby which you must scan. Then in the area you'll need to collect the appropriate items from each plant. You can use your scanner to find them or look at the map.

After you have collected everything return to Slamek and treat him. Go to the canyon entrance and travel through it. At one point in the canyon you'll have to stop and talk to Slamek. You will need to find a place to rest for the night (a cave to the east) and something according to your career which is near the cave.

Engineering Objective

You're task will be to find food. There is a warrigul pack a little above the cave. Defeat them. After that you can carve the meat to get the Feeding Fellows accolade.
Science Objective

You're task is to find water. Firs you'll need to hollow out a gourd. You have to find one without spiders in it. Then you can fill it up with water at the small lake near the cave. This will give you the A Toast to Teammates accolade.
Tactical Objective

You're task will be to find kindling, firewood, and fuelwood to start a fire in the cave. Once you have all three you'll get the Fueling Friendship accolade.

Hakeev Now go to the cave and camp out. After a brief cut-scene you'll end up on the other side of the cave during the day. Head toward the ship. Once you reach it you'll need to find a way to contact your ship. There will be a small opening in Slamek's ship that you can use to enter it. Find the emergency beacon and access it. You won't be able to use it so find some parts around the wreckage. After you have found all three parts (use the map in this walkthrough) go back into the ship and connect it to the power source.

Exit the ship and wait for your rescue.

Congratulations! Mission Complete. Contact Obisek.

Skill Points
One of the following
  1. Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array
  2. Resilient Shield Array [Pla][Tet]
  3. Combat Impulse Engines [Full][Turn]
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