Frozen Walkthrough

Location: Dera System


You must travel to the Dera system and contact a Reman settlement that might be attacked by the Tal Shiar. Try to find out if there is an outside influence on the Reman uprising.

In the system you will find that the Remans are jamming your sensors. You will need to modify a nearby Reman array to make it look like a Reman ship. When the Reman ship comes you can get a sensor lock and follow it. Travel straight ahead into the nebula until you reach the Communication Array. Once you have altered the array's signal travel back into the nebula and send the signal out. You will go to a short cut-scene where a Romulan ship will uncloak and attack the Reman ship. After the Remans have cloaked you must deal with the Romulan ship. Reman Base

Once you have defeated the Romulan ship you'll need to follow the Reman Scout ship. It'll be at the first nav beacon near you. It'll take you to another nav beacon where another Romulan ship will uncloak that you need to defeat. After that the Reman ship will warp out so you must follow it.

When you warp back in you won't find the ship but you'll detect a base on the planet's surface that is protected by a shield. You'll have to beam down to nearby caverns to find a way to disabling the shield because you can't beam right through. In the cavern you'll learn that the base is actually a derelict ship. You're first task is to locate the base's entrance.

Travel straight through the cavern defeating the Jackal Mastiffs (aggressive animals that live in the caverns). Once you reach the entrance you'll need to scan the gate. You'll then need to use the mining laser to blast through it. Go to the other side of the room and use the consoles to activate the laser. The laser will malfunction and now depending on your career you can proceed differently. Laser

Engineering Objective

Use the diagnostic console in the room to determine the problem with the mining laser. You'll find that the power conduits are damaged and need to be repaired. Travel back along your original path to find the three conduits. You'll get the Mr. Fixit accolade.
Science Objective

You'll need to collect three crystals in the caves in order to amplify the strength of the laser. Use the computer near the laser room to align the crystals. Now return to the laser to modify it. This will get you the Crystal Method accolade.
Tactical Objective

You'll need to collect three weapon power supplies in the caverns from where you came. Use the computer near the laser room to fused the power packs. Now return to the laser to modify it. This will give you the Field Strip accolade.

Obisek Return to the room with the laser and use the console to fire it. The gate will be destroyed and you can pass through. You can now enter the base. The Remans here will not bother you because it seems that they have been expecting you. You'll need to find Obisek. Travel to the end of the base and use the doorway to enter the middle room, this is where Obisek is. Entering the room will take you to a quick cut-scene then you can speak with Obisek.

You can go through all the options in your discussion with Obisek, or just choose the ones in greens if you want to get through it quickly. Keep in mind that you can choose only one of the green options, either side with him or against him.

SIDE WITH HIM If you side with him you'll need to help him defend the base, and even disable a Romulan transport inhibitor. You'll get the Like Minded accolade for this. You can now beam out.

SIDE AGAINST HIM If you side against him you'll need to defeat the two Reman guards that beam down, then disable the transport inhibitor. You'll get the Cease and Desist accolade for this. You can now beam out. After defeating the Remans soldiers you can arrest them. Arresting 40 of them will get you an accolade.

Congratulations! Mission Complete. Rewards
Skill Points
One of the following
  1. Romulan Disruptor Wide Beam Pistol
  2. Romulan Disruptor Split Beam Rifle
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