Taris Walkthrough

Location: Iconia System

It is believed that the Hobus supernova which destroyed the Romulan home world was deliberate. Starfleet Intelligence decoded messages that were sent from the Hobus base to the Iconia system. You must enter the Romulan Neutral Zone and investigate the planet.

In the system you will see some Reman ships nearby, you don't need to battle them. Instead go straight to the planet and scan the large crater on it. You'll need to get close to the crater in order to scan it. Your scan will get interrupted when a ship enters the area, attacks you, then vanishes. You can now scan the crater again.

The scans will pick up Romulan, Reman, and an unknown life sign as well as evidence that this is linked to Hobus. The IRW Intrakhu will decloak and attack you. After you have defeated it you'll detect an escape pod with the Reman Commander, S'hanclado. You'll rescue you him and he will give you the shield frequency of the base on the planet allowing you to beam down.

In the base you'll detect that the Remans have taken over an old Iconia base. You will need to access the databases here to learn more. The database will have logs of shipments between Iconia and Hobus and schematics for a device that could have destroyed the Hobus star. You will also learn that there are elements on this level of the base that were found in the Hobus system. You will need to collect samples of each.

There will be Remans in the base which you'll need to defeat. Go through this level and collect the three samples. At the end you'll need to lower the forcefields and use a lift to reach the second level.

On the second level you'll need to find a computer terminal (in the next room) to access log files. You will learn that Praetor Taris is behind the destruction of the Hobus star. You will also find out that there is a working Iconian gateway on the lowest level of this base which you will need to reach.

Make your way to the other end of this level and deactivate the force field which is blocking your route to the turbolift. Get ready for a long and tough battle. Taris will contact you and then Remans will beam in. After defeating one group, another will beam in. There is roughly 6 groups of Remans you will need to defeat. You can then descend to level 3.

Iconia "PRAETOR"
On the lowest level you'll need to find Praetor Taris who is located in the room with the gateway. There will be a lot of Romulans and Remans in this room. Defeat them and especially Taris. Once you have defeated her you can beam her up to your ship. You will also need to overload the gateway in order to destroy it. You can now beam out.

Back around the planet you will need to defeat three groups of Romulan patrols. After they are defeated you can leave the system.

Congratulations! Mission Complete. Contact Admiral T'nae.

Skill Points
One of the following

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