Romulan Mystery

Under the Cover of Night Under the Cover of Night 26 Agrama System According to Starfleet, Franklin Drake works for Starfleet Intelligence and has contacts in the Orion Syndicate who he might sell information to about Starfleet's plans to defend the core worlds. You must find him in the Agrama system and stop him.
Minefield Minefield 26 Sierra Outpost II Starfleet is concerned about the security of its transwarp network. A scientist named S'larin developed a mine which should protect against Romulan Klingon forces from using the transwarp gates. Meet with S'larin at Sierra Outpost II then lay the mines.
Divide et Impera Divide et Impera 27 Starbase 39
Vendor System
Admiral Zelle needs a ship and a crew for a top-secret mission. You are to meet her at Starbase 39 and then travel with her to the Vendor.
Saturday's Child Saturday's Child 27 Aelas System The Federation has sent an envoy to negotiate with the Aelasans for mining rights on their planet. You must patrol the Aelas system for any trouble and deal with it.
Preemptive Strike Preemptive Strike 28 Rator System Starfleet sent a Task Force to Rator in order to gather intelligence on a possible Romulan invasion fleet. The Task Force has not reported in which means they might have been captured. Starfleet is sending a fleet to Rator to rescue the captured officers and to stop the Romulan fleet. You are being sent to join the fleet.
Hunting the Hunters Hunting the Hunters 28 Mylasa System A runabout carrying a Federation diplomatic team went missing in the Mylasa system. You must go to the Mylasa system and locate the team. They could have landed on an M or L class planet.
Project Nightingale Project Nightingale 29 Cirini System The U.S.S. Nobel was lost in Romulan space 3 weeks ago. A distress call from it has been detected recently. You and your ship are being sent to investigate and help.
By Any Means By Any Means 29 Pilatus System
Hadrian System
Before the U.S.S. Nobel went missing it was on a mission to secure a Borg sphere. Unfortunately the Romulans captured it. Now that the crew of the Nobel is safe you must find the Borg sphere and keep it out of Romulan hands.
Ground Zero Ground Zero 30 Hobus System After the explosion at Hobus that destroyed the Romulan home world many ships have been investigating the accident trying to determine what happened. You are being sent the Hobus to see if you can learn anything new.
Ghost Ship Ghost Ship 30 Great Bloom System Your mission is to go to the Great Bloom system, also known as the Bassen Rift, and take scans of the Thalaron radiation in order to determine the rate of spread.
Friend of my Enemy Friend of my Enemy 31 Chiron System
Rashana System
There are a few Romulan colony worlds which are open to having a relationship with the Federation. You must travel to the Chiron system to pick up some extra medical supplies which will be donated to the Romulans at the Rashana system.
Taris Taris 31 Iconia System It is believed that the Hobus supernova which destroyed the Romulan home world was deliberate. Starfleet Intelligence decoded messages that were sent from the Hobus base to the Iconia system. You must enter the Romulan Neutral Zone and investigate the planet.
Trapped Trapped 32 NGC-1218 System Starfleet has lost contact with the U.S.S. Griffin which was the in NGC 1218. You are being sent there to find the Griffin and rescue them.
S'harien's Swords S'harien's Swords 32 Dimorus System Starfleet wants you to proceed to the Dimorus system and destroy the ships with Borg technology that the Romulans are building. You will also need to destroy their base in order to prevent them from continuing their research.
The Vault The Vault 30 Haakona Long range sensors are detecting strange readings from the Vault in the Haakona system and you are being sent to investigate.
Mine Enemy Mine Enemy 31 Hifhar System Gain access to the old Romulan mine which is now under Ferengi control. You need to determine why Obisek and the Remans are attacking the mines.
Frozen Frozen 32 Dera System Contact a Reman on Dera settlement that might be attacked by the Tal Shiar. Try to find out if there is an outside influence on the Reman uprising.
Coliseum Coliseum 33 Nopada System One of Obisek's ships that was carrying thalaron weapons disappeared in the Nopada system. He has asked you to travel there, find the ship, and rescue his people.
Cutting the Cord Cutting the Cord 34 Brea System Starfleet would like you to travel to the Brea system where a major Tal Shiar base is located. You must apprehend Hakeev and destroy the base.
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