The Vault The Vault 30 Haakona Long range sensors are detecting strange readings from the Vault in the Haakona system and you are being sent to investigate.
Mine Enemy Mine Enemy 31 Hifhar System Gain access to the old Romulan mine which is now under Ferengi control. You need to determine why Obisek and the Remans are attacking the mines.
Frozen Frozen 32 Dera System Contact a Reman on Dera settlement that might be attacked by the Tal Shiar. Try to find out if there is an outside influence on the Reman uprising.
Coliseum Coliseum 33 Nopada System One of Obisek's ships that was carrying thalaron weapons disappeared in the Nopada system. He has asked you to travel there, find the ship, and rescue his people.
Cutting the Cord Cutting the Cord 34 Brea System Starfleet would like you to travel to the Brea system where a major Tal Shiar base is located. You must apprehend Hakeev and destroy the base.
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