Skirmish Skirmish 11 Donatu System An unexpected enemy returns when your ship is called to battle in the Neutral Zone.
Spin the Wheel Spin the Wheel 12 Drozana Station A deep cover intelligence operative on Drozana Station needs your help.
What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath 13 Drozana Station Something more than Devidians haunts the lower levels of a 200-year-old space station. Will you survive long enough to learn the truth?
Everything Old is New Everything Old is New 14 Drozana Station Follow the mystery back to a place where everything is familiar but nothing is the same. Get the help of a legend and discover the Devidians' ultimate plan.
Night of the Comet Night of the Comet 15 Bepi System Even assistance from an old friend may not be enough to stop the Devidian threat in time.
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