Assimilation Walkthrough

Location: NGC-4447 System

Borg ships have been detected near NGC-4447. There is nothing of interest there so Starfleet would like you to investigate. It is possible the Borg know something.

HINT : You may want to read over our Borg Battling guide.

Inside the NGC-4447 system you'll need to defeat two groups of Borg vessels. A Borg cube will then warp in which you will also need to defeat. At one point the Borg cube will begin to move off and you'll have an objective to follow it. Your map will show you where to go just in case you lose the cube.

You'll reach a point where you will find rifts in space which lead to Fluidic space. Near each one are Borg and Undine ships battling each other. You will need to defeat three groups of each. You could use the strategy of just waiting and letting them destroy each other and then you clean up the remaining ships, or you could just go right into battle.

After the battle you will see a Borg cube pulling a Undine ship through one of the portals. You must prevent the capture of the Undine ship. You can either destroy the Undine ship or attack the Borg cube. Either way you will need to disable the Borg cube. After this part is over you will detect Undine life signs on the cube. You will need to beam over and see what is going on because the Borg may have adapted a way to assimilate the Undine.

Borg Cube

This may be one of the toughest missions so far. The cube is full of Borg; most of them are in their alcoves and will ignore you unless you attack them. I recommend putting your away team into passive mode so they don't start attacking the Borg. Look at the nearby device and you will learn it is a transporter. You will need to find the correct one which will bring you to the section of the ship with the Undine life signs.

I recommend looking at the map on this page to see where the correct transporter is and go straight there. If you are not looking for a fight or to die ever second then put your team into passive mode, don't check out other rooms, don't open doors, don't scan anything, and don't battle the Borg. Just follow the map on this page to the correct transporter device and be quick. You will need to open one door before you can reach the correct transporter. Once you find it analyze it and then use it. You will be brought to another section of the ship.

Borg Assimilation Chamber

In this next section you will find the Undine and discover that they are being assimilated. You will need to destroy this research station. I should also mention that if you scan all the Undine in this area you will get an accolade. If you don't want to do it now that's fine. You can replay the mission at another time when you are at a higher level and have stronger equipment.

Scan the nearby research station to get some information. Your bridge officer will suggest battling the Borg to get one of their components which will drop the shield around the center vinculum. After you have defeated enough drones you will gave the codes needed to drop the shield. You will also have to defeat a fully assimilated Undine and some guards. Don't worry, a dialog will appear before the battle. If you don't go through it you will have a chance to regroup before battling the Assimilated Undine.

Once you defeat the Undine and the Borg guarding it the force field will drop around the vinculum and you can go there to overload it. Now beam out.

Skill Points
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