Undine Advance

Assimilation Assimilation 49 NGC-4447 System Borg ships have been detected near NGC-4447. There is nothing of interest there so Starfleet would like you to investigate. It is possible the Borg know something.
The Return The Return 49 Burgus System There have been reports of Borg activity in the Burgus system. You are being sent there to investigate.
Fluid Dynamics Fluid Dynamics 50 Zemet System Starfleet wants to make contact with the Undine in hopes of stopping further conflict. Travel to the Zemet system where the fabric of the two dimensions is breaking down and try to find some Undine to speak with.
A Light in the Dark A Light in the Dark 50 Kuda System Starfleet still wants to try for peace with the Undine. Celestara Mex is a powerful telepath who has agreed to go to fluidic space and try to communicate with the Undine. You are being sent to escort her.
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