Azure Nebula Rescue Walkthrough

The Tholians have captured Romulan vessels in the Azure Nebula and are holding them with tractor beams on asteroids. Your team must rescue as many Romulan ships as possible.

There are four asteroids in the map each with a group of Tholians and a Romulan ship which is being held by four tractor beams. Your team will need to rescue as many Romulan ships as possible within 12 minutes. Each Romulan ship is worth a certain amount of points which you can see in your objective list, but I'll also list it here for you.

These ships are randomly spawned at the four asteroids. After you rescue one another will spawn after a little while. The amount of Romulan Marks you get is based on the total number of points earned by the team.

The best tactic here is to split up into two teams, Team A and Team B. Team A will take the top 2 asteroid and Team B will take the bottom two asteroids. One team will have 3 people and the other team will have 2 people. It is up to you to decide who is on which team because for this strategy it doesn't matter.

One person from each team will attack the Tholians and try to lead them away from the asteroid. Another person will disable the four tractor beams on the asteroid. For the team that has 3 people, the 3rd person can help with the tractor beams in order to speed up the process. Once the Romulan ship has been freed the Tholian ships will warp away. Your can now go to the next asteroid and repeat this.

Keep moving back and forth between asteroids until time runs out in order to rescue as many ships as possible.

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