Crystalline Catastrophe Walkthrough

The U.S.S. Enterprise was the first to encounter a Crystalline Entity. It was destroyed and believed to be the only one of its kind, but another one has been found. The Tholians seem to be interested in this one as well, possibly because they are both crystalline based creatures. It is your job to defeat it.

Crystalline Entity

This mission requires 10 players (two teams of five) to play and complete. You can access it from your PvE queue. In this mission you'll be battling both the Crystalline Entity and the Tholians. If you can, read what the Admiral has to say at the beginning of the mission. There are some good tips in there which will also be briefly talked about in this walkthrough.

I suggest ignoring the Tholians in this mission. The primary objective is to destroy the Crystalline Entity so all of your focus should be on that. If you want to destroy the Tholians first, that's your choice but it really isn't necessary. They don't seem to do much damage anyway and are more of an annoyance than a threat.

Attacks and abilities that affect large areas can be very useful against the Crystalline Entity. Not only will it damage the Entity but it will also damage Large Crystalline Fragments and the Tholians. Speaking of Lage Crystalline Fragments, try not to get hit by them. They cause damage to you so being able to outrun or destroy them is important.

The Crystalline Entity is less resistant to Kinetic Weapons. Torpedoes, the Cutting Beam, Mines, and anything else that causes Kinetic damage will hurt the Entity more. Energy weapons can still be used but won't cause as much damage. Still, any damage that can be caused is good enough. If you want, you could put all torpedoes on your ship and constantly fire those at the Crystalline Entity to cause maximum damage. Just remember to switch back to your normal weapons when you are done.

The strategy for defeating the Crystalline Entity is fairly simple. You'll want to focus all of your firepower on it. Keep an eye on your screen because there will be notifications from your bridge officers to stop firing while the Crystalline Entity is absorbing energy. During this time (which lasts about 30 seconds) the Crystalline Entity will absorb all incoming energy. After it will unleash this energy and cause damage to nearby ships. So the best thing to do is stop firing at it as soon as you are told to.

Continue doing this until it is destroyed. After that you can fight off the Tholians if you wish or just leave the system.

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