"Defending Rh’Ihho Station" Walkthrough

Type: Ground PvE Mission
Opponent: Elachi
Level Requirement: Lv 60 for Elite (recommended level of difficulty)
Required Gear: TR-116B and see Gear Recommendations
Time Required: 5-7 minutes depending on quality of team
Failure Conditions: MINIMAL chance of failure (however is possible)
Rewards: Romulan and Fleet Marks, Elite Craylon Gas R+D Material Pack 1440 Dilithium Written by: @aaaict

This is a very quick and highly rewarding ground mission against the Elachi, set on a Romulan Station, that takes less than 5 minutes on a good run. It is very simple to do and learn, as well as gives you 600,000 EC worth of R+D Materials. This mission requires some level of team co-ordination as Stage 2 is time pressured, but otherwise, a very fast and rewarding mission.

A TR-116B or a Zephram Cochrane Shot Gun are essential to this mission, as they completely bypass the Elachi’s hard shields, which are essential to passing stage 2. Otherwise, any ground set is fine for this mission. A rebreather is useful as the Elachi produce toxic fumes that will hold you and slow you down, or anything with Toxic resistance, including EV suits or the Undine Battle Armor.

Crucial Advice- before the mission starts, divide your team of 5 into one group of 3, and one group of 2. This is because on group will go RIGHT at stage 2, and the other will go LEFT. This is to prevent any confusion or all 5 players going one way. See Stage 2 for more info.

Stage 1- Destroy 6 Elachi Devices
For the first stage you need to destroy 6 unshielded elachi devices- look for the yellow progress bar. It doesn’t matter where you go in the map, but if you all go into the main engineering room then you will get 6.

Stage 2- Free 6 Romulan Engineers.
This is the time pressured part of the mission- you have 3 minutes to free all 6 engineers or the mission will fail. ALL PLAYERS need to go into the main engineering room (see map), then split into the LEFT and RIGHT groups. From there each group needs to save the engineers by killing the elachi guarding them. It is important to do this as quickly possible, so keep an eye on the timer. See the map for where the engineers are, and once one group has freed their 3, follow the additional necessary paths if all 6 are not yet done. Study the map below carefully

Stage 3- Kill the Boss
Finally, you need to kill the Elachi Predator-which is very easy. However someone needs to run past the boss, and capture the elachi device, by just interacting with it. Then you’re done! Congratulations- 1440 Dilithium and 600,000 EC in 5 minutes.

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