"Nukara Prime: Transdimensional Tactics" Walkthrough

Type: Ground PvE Mission
Opponent: Tholians
Level Requirement: Lv 60 for Elite (recommended level of difficulty)
Required Gear: EV Suit, and see Gear Recommendations
Time Required: 5-8 minutes depending on quality of team
Failure Conditions: MODERATE chance of failure depending on team quality
Rewards: Nukara and Fleet Marks, Elite Craylon Gas R+D Material Pack
Written by: @aaaict

This can be a quick and highly rewarding mission, which can also be very enjoyable in a good run. This is against the Tholians, and so an EV suit is required. It also worth noting that the DPS Channels set a minimum parse on STO Combat Meter of 200 DPS in NTTE in order to qualify for entry to the DPS-Ground 200 Channel, or the DPS-Ground 400 Channel. All in all, a great mission to test your ground combat skills, as well as getting large rewards (600,000 EC worth of R+D materials) in a potentially short space of time.

This mission is used as a ground testbed and benchmark, so most types of endgame ground weapons are suitable (ie not miniguns or pistols). All but the Boss are unshielded, so TR-116B is not absolutely necessary for this mission, although it will still be very useful for the shielded Boss.

An EV suit is needed, with an easy one to get being the Dyson Striker EV suit from “A Step Between the Stars”, which can be acquired for free in the mission. (Select no defence option), additionally you can obtain a free EV suit from Boldly They Rode in the Cardassian Story Ark.

Finally, a Paradox Corrector from a fully completed delta recruit is highly recommended in case things go badly on Stage 5 as players must not respawn.

Crucial Advice- DO NOT RESPAWN- wait for a team member to come get you as you will be trapped in a pen and be unable to continue the mission. Also, avoid the green, pools, which will give you, damage.

DON’T use the Delta Alliance Active Reputation Concussive Tachyon Emission on the Boss, as it will quickly regenerate its shields to full strength after a couple of seconds.

Stage 1- Beam in and set up any engineering pets near the platform. Only when everyone is ready to go do you activate the console causing the Boss (The Project Leader) to spawn. Focus all fire on the Boss until you bring it down its health with triggers the Stage 2- note where it despawns as this is where it will re-appear, don’t be too far away from here when the next stage occurs.

Stage 2- Unshielded Portals will spawn along with Tholians- Kill the portals first then the Tholians within the time limit to get the optional and more marks. Here use of the tachyon concussion emission is highly encourages to kill them quickly.

Stage 3- Same as stage 1- bring down the boss’ health.

Stage 4- Same as stage 2 but with Tholian trappers which will hold you with webs- be careful of getting caught in these. After this stage, the liquid will cover the whole portal area of the map so be prepared to move to higher ground.

Stage 5- Kill the boss- ignore all the other Tholians and focus all fire at the Boss- Do as much damage as you can in order to kill it quickly, as the longer you are there the more likely that you can fail the mission- by having all 5 team members killed. Be careful about being dragged into the liquid by the Tholian trappers, stay on the land as much as possible.

If you have parsed above 200 DPS on the STO Combat Meter, then you should get an invite soon from the DPS Channels for DPS-G-200, where high level ground runs are organised.

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