"Undine Infiltration" Walkthrough

Type: Ground PvE Mission
Opponent: Undine
Level Requirement: Lv 60 for Elite (recommended level of difficulty)
Required Gear: None specifically
Time Required: 8-15 minutes depending on team speed and efficiency
Failure Conditions: MINIMAL chance of failure depending on team efficiency
Rewards: Undine and Fleet Marks, Elite Craylon Gas R+D Material Pack, 1440 dil
Written by: @aaaict

This is a quite quick, and highly rewarding mission that is set on Bajor, and is against the Undine. This mission is very easy, for reasons that I will go onto explain; however it is rare, but very possible for this mission to fail. Very simple to learn and execute, this mission requires no specific gear this mission relies on simple comprehension skills and patience, and richly rewards with the equivalent of 600,000 EC in about 12 minutes of work.

This is mainly against unshielded Undine (except for the very easy to kill Boss), so tr-116 is not needed and so any type of endgame weapon (ie not miniguns and pistols) can be used. No specific set is needed either, although some psionic resistance such as the Undine reputation ground set may be useful. However, during Put out the Fires required objective, the secondary fire mode of a CRM-200 can be used as a fire extinguisher, avoiding the need to equip and reset the power tray when using the provided fire extinguishers.

Stage 1- This mission relies on simply reading the clues that are available around each suspect which the player has to interview and choose whether to detain to lave alone. If the player choose the wrong option the MISSION FAILS, so you need to have patience and read the clues nearby each suspect and follow the recommendation at the end of the question. There is also a “cheat” sheet with the answers at https://forum.stoacademy.com/showthread.php?tid=2712&pid=23953#pid23953. But if in doubt, look at the clues carefully, and if still unsure, then go find someone else in order not to risk a mission failure.

Map of Bajor, temple located behind transporter (have to walk around the building to the square)


Stage 2- Once 6 suspects have been detained or cleared, there will be a required objective.

A) The first is to DEFEND THE ORB. All players need to sprint as fast as possible to the temple located on the map, and defend against several waves of incoming Undine for 3 minutes. Although they are easy to defeat, they can overwhelm a small number of the team and steal the orb, failing the mission.

B) The second is to PUT OUT FIRES - fairly self explanatory, but you will need to go to the yellow circles on the map and pick up fire extinguishers to put out all the fires in 3 minutes denotes by the red circles on the map. You will need to equip them and drag the power into the skill tray.

Stage 3- After Stage 2, and the remaining 4 suspects have been successfully questioned, you will then confront the Undine boss by the main group of protesters. After exposing him you will chase him down the streets, but will not be able to kill him. Then enter the tunnels.

Stage 4- Upon entering the tunnels, you will need to progress through them, killing all the unshielded Undine you encounter. This is fairly easy, but do remember to scan for the nanite bomb placement in each cavern indicated on the map.

Stage 5- Once the nanite bomb is in position, you will enter the final room, where the already heavily weakened boss will draw power and be unable to be targeted. You will need to kill the number of Undine that appear, and afterwards the Boss will come back out of his shield, and can be quickly killed.

Congratulations, you have completed UIE and gained 1440 dilithium and 600,000 EC worth of R+D materials!

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