Vault Shuttle Event Walkthrough

Location: Haakona System

Romulan invaders are occupying the Vault. You and four other officers must help Obisek retake the station. During the mission you will need to protect the Rerik as it completes objectives to . I recommend having 3 people protect the ship while the other 2 complete the objectives that Obisek gives out.

The Vault Shuttle Event


When you start the mission you will have 1 minute to read the mission brief. You won't be able to do anything until the whole minute has passed. Once the mission officially starts you will have 5 minutes to compelte all objectives in the entry chamber. In this room you'll only face Romulan shuttles. Obisek will ask you and your team to reroute power at Junction 32 (the right side of the map). After that is done you'll be asked to reroute power at Junction 89. Now secure the entry chamber by defeating all of the remaining Romulan ships. You can now continue deeper into the Vault towards the Reactor Core.


You'll have another 5 minutes to compelte the Reactor Core chamber. In this room you'll be fighting Romulan shuttles and Bird-of-Prey. At some point Obisek will ask you to disruptor power at Energy Cores 1 and 3 and then at Energy Cores 2 and 4. Once that is done you can secure the room and then continue deeper into the Vault towards the Thalaron Projector.


This chamber also needs to be completed in 5 minutes. At one point during this time you'll need to transmit a virus to the Thalaron Projector and then reinitialize thalaron controls. Eventually a Romulan D'deridex ship will appear which the entire team will need to focus fire on. Once it is destroyed, secure the room. Remember to collect your reward at the end which is near the Thalaron Projector.

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