The Vault Ensnared Walkthrough

The Tholians invasion fleet has targeted the Vault and Obisek is calling for reinforcements. Team up with the Remans and defend the station before the Tholians spin their webs and carry the Vault into another dimension!

Vault Ensnared Map


Your first task is to save Reman ships all around the Vault base who are being attacked by Tholians. You're team needs to split up and take on different groups alone, it'll be fairly easy. You have 10 minutes to do this. When you are in the nebula (which is to the right of the base) you won't be able to use full impulse so to travel fast put all your power into your engines and use Evasive Maneuvers.

Tholian Vault Weaver


After time has run out you will need to protect the base from Tholian Vault Weavers. They will be trying to weave a web around the Vault and you'll need to stop them. Just look for ships with a yellow streak behind them. These are the Tholian Vault Weavers which you need to destroy. You can ignore all other Tholian ships at this point if you want. Don't let the web reach 100%.

Tholian Ships


Finally you'll need to defeat a small Tholian fleet along with their lead ship. To get the optional you'll need to defeat the lead ship within 2 minutes. It will be below and to the right of the other ships (the only one with an actual name) so make sure you attack and defeat it first. After it is destroyed you can move on to the other Tholian ships.

Once all ships have been destroyed you compelted the mission.Congratulations.

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