Hearts and Minds Walkthrough

Location: Donatu System


Contact has been lost with Doctor Sibak, a Vulcan priest, who studies psionic phenomena. He went into seclusion on a remote research station in the Donatu system. He hasn't ben heard from in a while so you are being sent to check on him.


You'll need to travel to the Donatu System where you'll beam down to the Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station with one bridge officer. On the station you'll need to find Dr. Sibak. Walk into the nearby hall where two Phaser Turrets will attack you. After you destroy them the room will be filled with toxic gas. Use the console to your left to reroute power.

You'll need to align the isolinear chips. If you can't do it in time and you die don't worry, you'll respawn and be able to continue to the next room. The image below is how the chips should look.You can quickly align them by doing the following order: Column 2 Down, Row 1 Right, Row 1 Right, Column 1 Down.

Blue, Green, White

You can now continue to the next room where you'll need to examine the lab for clues. Directly ahead is a biobed with a body on it, scan it. You'll determine that someone else must be here. Keep exploring the station by going through the door on the left (top of the map) and making a left. Go into the room here and examine the datapads on the floor. These will be a bunch of medical logs that you can read if you want.

Donatu Lunar Research Station

Go back into the research lab and use the door directly across from you (bottom of the map). There will be some modified spiders in here so defeat them. Now use one of the consoles in this room to get more information. It will talk about Dr. Sibak's research subjects and how he had Bendii syndrom. Continue to the next room (bottom of the map).

In this next room you'll find Dr. Sibak's clones. Speak to the one that is standing nearby and then defeat him. You can now examine the rest of the clones. After that turn to the right (bottom of the map) and head to the final room. Here you will find some more of his clones, defeat them and the mission is complete.Congratulations! Mission Complete.

Skill Points
Special Duty Officer - Unknown
Vulcan Lirpa [Psi][Stn]
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